Playing For Time is launched on March 26th 2015!


Drawing on the ‘engaged optimism’ of the Transition Town movement, Playing For Time is a handbook joining the dots between the philosophies of art and the creative skills emerging in response to the planetary challenges we face.  


The project experiments with creativity and co-operation between artists across different art forms, arts organisations, communities and individuals committed to exploring the role the arts can play in transition to a more ecological age.


Playing for Time brings ideas and practice about the arts, resilience, well-being, creativity and optimism together in one place for the first time.  The essence of Playing For Time is about the power of the imagination; how contemporary culture helps us ‘re-think’ the future and how the act of imagining the world differently is the first step towards creating a more positive future.


March 24th 2015: It's done! Playing for Time is to be launched on March 26th at Free Word in Faringdon, London, published by Oberon Books. It has taken nearly 4 years and involved over 60 artists, activists and agents of change.

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Playing For Time

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